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Maximum Performance Identification Update

maximum performance physical therapy and fitness gym photo

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Maximum Performance is a physical therapy and fitness center with two locations in Manhattan, KS and has been working with S&N Design for many years. They have always been active in the community and went through a rebranding process several years ago. S&N Design created a new identification for Maximum Performance, using strong, bright colors, yet staying true to their original identification mark and colors. We also created business cards, stationery and marketing materials to help cross-promote all of the services they offer. S&N Design created a website for them as well to showcase their four main services: physical therapy, a fitness center, functional fitness training and athletic performance training. A secondary logo was created for each individual group that ties in with the main brand.

We have worked with Maximum Performance in the years since their rebranding to create several different kinds of graphics and marketing materials, including posters and signage for their office’s interior space, promotional videos, a blog, social media graphics and flyers and informational cards for them to distribute at races and other events. In 2022, S&N Design also helped them develop a marketing plan and graphics for their 20th anniversary.

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